E- waste Crushing & Sorting Processing System

E-waste is the waste electric appliances and equipements. Such like washer, refrigerator, TV, computer, caculator, etc.

The outside shell about the electric applicances is mainly steel, plastic, or alumina. So the plastic, steel, copper, alumina can be recycling.

The E-waste crushing & sorting processing system from United Tech is use the physical differences of the composted materials, including disassemble, crush, sorting, etc. After sorting, the materials like metal, plastic, glass, is seperated. This meothod is simple.

United Tech take the “ crush, reduce, sort, recycling” as the principle, and prodcue the processing system according to the exact condition and the final purpose. United Tech Machinery, one professional crushing expert to meet your requirements to the CUSTOMIZED SHREDDER.

E- waste processing diagram:


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