For the construction waste crushing station, the broken material falls between the two rollers through the feed port, and is crushed and crushed, and the finished material falls naturally.When there is a hard or unbreakable object, the roller of the construction waste crushing station can be automatically retracted through the action of hydraulic cylinder or spring, thus increasing the gap of the roller, and the hard or unbreakable object falls, thus protecting the machine from damage.Two rollers rotating in opposite directions have a certain clearance, and the clearance can be changed to control the larger discharge size of the product.The double roll crusher USES a pair of reverse rotating round rollers, while the four roll crusher USES two pairs of reverse rotating round rollers for crushing operation.

Pay attention to timely maintenance of equipment.After the construction waste is broken and running for a long time, the surface of the roller of wear-resistant parts is too worn, resulting in the product being too fine.At this point, the outlet needs to be adjusted or the equipment repaired.Strengthen the inspection of the construction waste crushing station, and oil the equipment in the lubrication part, so as to keep the equipment in good lubrication state.When necessary, the two-roll technology is adopted, that is, the construction waste crushing station is used for coarse crushing and fine crushing, to fully guarantee the crushing quality.

Construction waste crushing station is suitable for crushing metallurgy, building materials and refractories and other industrial fields of medium and high hardness materials.This series of construction waste crushing station is mainly composed of roller, roller supporting bearing, pressing regulating device and driving device.Adjusting discharge particle size: a wedge or washer adjusting device is arranged between two rollers, and an adjusting bolt is arranged at the top of the wedge device.When the adjusting bolt pulls the wedge upward, the wedge pushes the movable roller away from the fixed wheel.

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