Shearing Crusher is used for mechanical shear force and the process that is domestic waste and other solid waste will be a specific size. Shearing – Cut crushing occurs between the edges that can be moved and closed at different angles. We also called it as Shredder.

It s blade are devided into fixed and movable.

The working principle of our United Tech shearing- cut crusher can be understood as crusing the material with shearing force. For the use of waste treatment, shearing –type crusher is mainly used to deal with the enterprise processing waste.

Our United Tech waste shearing-cut crusher is made of two sets of blades. Each group has a few to dozens of the number of different blades, and it was string made through a rotary shaft. Two rotary shaft are act on by the drive device, and move according to a certain speed forward or reverse rotation. The feeding fo material are crushed by the blade force between the running knife. The fixed blade is installed in two sides of the side plate position. The moving blade is truned to a certain positon. The fixed blade will block the materials of maoving blade. The flexible material will not be wound on the spindle. This crusher is particulary suitable for handing municipal waste, urban industrial solid waste inculding to crush the paper, clothe, fiber fabrics, placit, rubber and other flexible and tough materials. And it is not limited by the material mositure.


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